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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Easter Animation

Easter seems a good time to create some animations. It has been raining outside for days, so after we painted and eated all the eggs, there seemed nothing better to do than make an animation. This is Oscar's first animation. It is made out of seven drawings that are put together to one long drawing which slowly moves from left to right. The sound was recorded the next morning in one track.

Oscar's first animation tells the story of a flying book, a pirate boat and a ghost in a toilet. If you look carefully, you can first see the fish swim by, then a book flying through a black sky, then a big wave which is about to go over a small boat, then the big pirate ship which looks as if it has two eyes and a big mouth and then the big black ghost that's going upside down into the toilet.

Oscar had some problems to imagine in which direction the animation would move. When he was making the drawings, he imagined, that they would move from left to right, so that it would look as if the fish was really swimming and that the big wave was really going to go over the boat. I made them move from right to left. Maybe I made it wrong, but if they would move into the other direction, the story would have been backwards.

The soundtrack was a project by itself. We recorded sound for the movie the next morning. I suggested to make three versions, a german version, a dutch version and an english version. Oscar understood this idea in his own way and said every word three times, once for the german version, once for the dutch version and once for the english version... That's why you can hear three times 'spooky, spooky, spooky', and three times knocking.

We also recorded an explaination about the film, in three different languages, but I didn't find the time yet to put it online...

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