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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Rusjan Flight Pioneers

Oscar and I were invited to watch the theatre performance Eda by Neda R. Bric in June 2009. The theatre play tells the story of the flight pioneers Edvard and Josip Rusjan, two brothers who made the first flight in Slovenia. Edvard flew the aircraft 'Eda', which was built by themselves, on November 25, 1909, near Gorica / Gorizia.

Edvard Rusjan died in a plane crash near the Kalemegdan fortress in Begrade during a demonstration of one of their planes. Josip moved to Buenos Aires where he died in 1953. The theatre play tells the story of the two brothers and at the same time tells the story of a mother and daughter.

The theatre play tells two parallel stories connected together. But everything was in Slovenian language, so the only parts which Oscar and I could really follow, were the scenes where they were putting together a maching on the stage. The machine looks really good and it is nice to see the two actors putting it together and actually flying it, before it all falls apart again...

The video is a short impression of the machine. The full theatre play lasts 80 minutes and can still be seen this week at the Mladinsko Gledališče in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I was hoping to catch some more comments from Oscar during the play, but all his comments and laughing were always on the moment just when my camera was not running... At the end of the video he calls out very excited 'drie Verbeugungen!!!'. This is a combination of Dutch and German, which means 'three bows!!!'. At the end of the play the actors bow three times, which was very impressive to him.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009


How to get 1000 views on youtube?

The video 'Little boy crosses the border', which shows a very young boy crossing the border on his little red fire engine car, showing his passport to the custom officers, has *almost* thousand hits. Every day I have a look if the video has reached the magic number of 1000 views, but every day it is still just under thousand views. Today it is at 986, 14 more views to go. Shouldn't be so hard to get 14 views in a day... maybe this blog entry will help to get the first 1000 hits.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009


Kunsthaus Graz

This video shows an impression of the pixel tattoos on the facade of the museum of contemporary art 'Kunsthaus Graz' in Graz, Austria on a Friday evening in May 2009.

The BIX facade is a huge area of neon lights on the skin of the so-called friendly alien, the Kunsthaus, a building which is made in the shape of a big balloon. Each light can be adjusted individually and in this way patterns can be created which move over the skin of the building.

On Friday, May 29, 2009 the designs were made by a group of artists from Slovenia.

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